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In the latest instalment of Stüssy’s World Tour photo series, photographer Tyrone Lebon and Tom Guinness explore Paris for the Fall ‘16 campaign, referencing the classics while playing with boundaries between high art and street culture.
France’s rebellious history and the energy of modern Paris are central themes in images from this leg of the tour as the Stüssy Tribe and Lebon’s imagination are unleashed in the city of love. Colorful, outlandish captures carry through editorial threads from previous tour stops in Tokyo, Jamaica and Los Angeles in this latest series of images. Homage is paid to both high and low culture as a nod to French surrealist portraiture, caricature, new look couture, Napoleon and traditional french kissing appear alongside highlights from the Stüssy Fall ‘16 collection.
Also featured in the Paris edition of the World Tour series is a custom bricolage dress of iconic Stüssy graphics onto an archive 50s couture coat modelled by Lily Mcnennamy.

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